If you or a family member is in an abusive relationship, whether physically, sexually, or verbally, whether male or female, please know that it is not your fault, you are not alone, and things will get better.
Obtain a restraining order for anyone that abuses you, especially your spouse or live-in partner.  We know this is very hard, but it will send a huge message to your abuser that you will not tolerate the abuse anymore and it will go on his/her criminal record.  Do NOT expose or subject your children to your abuser.  You are endangering them by letting them spend time with your abuser.  
Start documenting the abuse using your cell phone…specifically, the day and what happened.  This will empower you or your family member and it will break the silence of home violence which will begin to be healing for you.  
We know this is scary; the scariest. 
The more time passes, the more horrible it will be.  You must tell someone you can trust; even trust just a little bit.  You can’t keep this a secret.  If you have children, they are learning that this must be normal; that violence is normal.  You deserve peace and safety.  Your kids want you to have peace and safety.  Your children deserve peace and safety.

Violence/Abuse/Chaos is not normal.
Violence/Abuse/Chaos is not right.
People just like you live freely now…Tina Turner now lives free.  Halle Berry now lives free.  Robyn Givens now lives free.
Francis Hughes played by Farrah Fawcett in the movie, “The Burning Bed”, now lives free.
The woman in the movie, Chocolat, now lives free.  Hedda Nussbaum now lives free.
It’s ok that you don’t have money.
It’s ok if you don’t speak English.
It’s ok that you are very very scared.
You are not crazy. If (s)he even thinks about abusing you, it’s a crime.
Your abuser, whether it be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, brother, sister needs to be removed from your house and your life and never return.
It is not up to you to fix or change your abuser. You have absolutely no reason to be ashamed.  Your abuser should be ashamed. This is not your fault.  It never was and it never will be. You Are Strong  You Can Do This  Get Out Of Victim Mode And Into Empower Mode  The Chaos Can Disappear For You 
You Can Do The Right Thing For Yourself  You Can Do Better  Things Will Be Different For You