Below are some commonly asked questions.
Why do we need this kind of training?

We can almost guarantee there is an abuser, a victim, or both in every workplace so to not address it, is the wrong approach.  Furthermore, murder is the 2nd most frequent cause of death in the workplace and the first among female employees.  Both victims and perpetrators are employed within companies.  There are thousands and thousands of incidents of on-the-job violence each year, and most victims know their abusers intimately.  Osso Safe wishes to make this training a standard in all workplaces for new and existing employees.

Why would we want to ruffle any feathers or rock any boats?

We can assure you that the feathers are already ruffled and the boats are already rocked.  It is in the best interest of companies to make this a policy and part of their regular training, along with internet, sales, marketing, and computer training.  Yes, this is a taboo subject, but, we, at Osso Safe, have been very successful in making a taboo subject untaboo by treating it with the utmost sensitivity, providing important information, and presenting it in a manner that is applicable, empowering and uplifting.

How much is this going to cost?

We typically charge $100/hour and it all depends on how many employees are in your establishment.  

How long does the training take?

Typically 1-3 hours, depending upon how many supervisors and employees there are in your workplace.

Where would we do this training?

If you do not have a conference room or similar space, we will provide the space near your workplace to conduct the seminar.

There are only men in my company OR there are only women in my company; why would they need this kind of training?

1 out of 7 men is physically abused, 85% of all spouse murderers are male, and 1 out of 3 women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime so we strongly feel that both men and women need this education.

We have our EAP's(Employee Assistance Programs) handle such issues...

The goal is to be aggressively, proactively, preventative.  EAP’s are usually called AFTER an incident or situation occurs.

It's not affecting my bottom line...

Victims lose a total of 8 million paid work days per year which is equal to 32,000 full-time jobs and jury awards for inadequate security lawsuits average $1.2million nationwide and settlements average $600,000.  Employers pay close to $40 billion annually in direct and indirect costs associated with these incidents.  Therefore, your bottom line IS affected.

This does not happen where I work; we know everyone who works for us.

Many cases go unreported due to fear of the perpetrator, minimizing the incident or lack of clear company policy.  Inaction will likely lead to further and increased violence and possible liability for the employer.  If your immediate staff is not experiencing violence at home, then chances are someone in their family is and it’s affecting their productivity in your workplaces.  Providing this education will help them and their families.  Over 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year. Each week in the United States, an average of 33,000 workers are assaulted on the job and 17 are murdered.

Am I obligated to provide this education?

All employers are required to prevent injuries and fatalities under OSHA’s General Duty Clause and/or related state regulations. Since workplace violence is a recognized hazard that causes a significant number of injuries and deaths each year, employers are obligated to implement preventative measures and document their efforts.





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