A pattern of coercive behavior, including acts or threatened acts, that are used by a perpetrator to gain power and control over a current or former spouse, family member, intimate partner, or person with whom the perpetrator shares a child in common that occur within a residence or within the vicinity of the residence. Home violence includes, but is not limited to, physical violence, injury, or intimidation, sexual violence or abuse, emotional and/or psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, threats, or harassment, cyber/internet sexual violence, stalking, or sex trafficking.  Examples are Violent and Disrespectful Words -Beatings-Rape(Sex without Consent)-Punching-Grabbing-Hitting-Pushing-Kicking-Stomping-Shoving-Biting-Slapping-Threats-Spitting-Cutting-Choking-Pulling Hair-Shooting-Stabbing-Burning-Denial/Withholding of Money-Throwing Objects that Hit a Person or In the Direction of the person.